We dreamed of a much
better clean.

How it All Started

Willo began in a French dental office. (Ooh la la!) Dentists have long known that patients could avoid issues with better at-home brushing. Still, most dentists could only remind patients to improve their technique, hand them some floss, and cross their fingers. But one Monsieur had a better idea…

Take An Outdated Tool

 Reimagine it Entirely

Deliver a Never-Before-Seen Clean

Our way-too-modest dental visionary, Dr. Jean-Marie, realized he could bring a fresh new experience to the masses. So he decided to redesign the toothbrush. Humans are, well, human, so they make mistakes and miss spots while brushing. But what if there was a way to cut out those errors entirely?

What We Do

That’s how Willo was born. It’s a device that gives everyone–no matter their shape, size, or ability—a top-tier, super-efficient cleaning. With it, we’re pushing the science of oral care forward.

Our mission? To never stop innovating, reimagining, and reinventing ways to keep mouths healthy and happy.

Who We Are

We are backed by brilliant investors
(we think they’re pretty smart)
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