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The Best Clean for
Real People.

How We Started

Willo began in a French dental office, though dentists around the globe have time and time again seen patients come to their chairs with issues that could easily be avoided with better at home brushing. Typical solutions? A quick technique refresher, free floss, the fingers of the oral hygienist crossed – not so with this Monsieur! A light bulb went off…

Outdated Concept

Great Diversity in Users

Less Efficacious Outcomes

And so our hugely modest, dental deviant and inventor, Dr Jean-Marie, began his quest for a new method to bring consistent oral efficacy to the masses by deconstructing and completely reinventing an ancient concept. He realized since the first human picked up the first willow branch and had
a refreshing chew on it up to now, it was the human manipulating the tool resulting in some inevitable margin of error.

What We Do

It was the great diversity in shapes, sizes and abilities of real people that inspired us to create a device that could bring the same level of repeatable, brushing efficacy to everyone. Beyond creating a single solution, it continues to be our commitment to explore and develop human based science in oral care.

We’re on a mission to keep innovating, reimagining, and reinventing the best ways for real people to keep their mouths happy and healthy.

Who we are

We are backed by brilliant investors
(we think they’re pretty smart)
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