Welcome to the Willo beta program’s info page!

The purpose of Willo’s beta program is for us to receive real feedback from real families as we build a system that helps them manage their kids’ oral care. At Willo, much of what we do and how we think about kids’ oral health is new. From the design of our mouthpiece, to the formulation of our rinses, to the unique brushing method our device uses, we’ve spent years developing the engineering and clinical expertise needed to change cavity game for kids and their families. But we’re not done and our near term roadmap has ambitious features that need external testing. We seek to make a durable impact on kids’ oral health, and our beta community will be the first public group to try out these new features and changes as we march down this path. First on our list is a new on-boarding and first brushing experience.

You can find more information about Willo on our product page.

What does it mean to participate in the beta program? What are the obligations and incentives?

Your family with receive a Willo device and accessories at no cost to you. Consumable accessories, like mouthpieces, will be provided as long as you actively participate in our community, and the minimum commitment is three months. In return, you agree to 1) have your kid(s) brush with Willo regularly, including trying out the specific features/changes we ask you to; 2) respond to our feedback requests and surveys within the time we specify; and 3) give ad hoc feedback as it comes up during your family’s experience. 

How do beta participants give feedback?

Our primary communication will be via email. A Willo team member will contact the beta community regularly with new features or changes that we need the community to test out. After a few days’ test period (the length with vary based on the feature/change), we’ll send a survey asking about your experience with the feature or change. They survey will usually be hosted and you will simply follow a link, answer the survey questions, and submit it. 

How do I sign up?

Please start by filling out the initial screener at the link below. Final candidate families will receive a second, more detailed screener, to follow before we select the final participants.