Back to (New) Normal: Oral Hygiene Tips for the New School Year

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— How does in-person learning this year change your child's oral hygiene routine at home?

Most kids are back-to-school in person, and that means less oversight from parents. It also means a more normal schedule for the entire family, which brings with it scheduling, chauffeuring, and overall task-mastering challenges. Running around soccer practice to piano lessons to homework leaves little time for much else. Because of all of the activities, the school year also often calls for demanding routines in order to maximize every minute of the day.

But what about oral hygiene? It can be hard to squeeze in enough time to keep kids’ teeth healthy. After all, from toddler to teenager, a mouth that’s filled with clean, sparkling pearly whites instills confidence. And everyone knows that teeth that are free from decay and disease enable better eating habits and overall health.

Brush Twice a Day

Brushing twice a day helps ensure that your child regularly removes cavity-causing bacteria in their mouths. Especially if your child wears braces, it’s important to be vigilant about regular brushing since braces are traps for food and debris that can cause decay.

Consider Kicking the Sports Drinks

Sports drinks tend to be loaded with sugar and are typically highly acidic. The combination of sugar and acid eats away at the enamel and can lead to a mouth full of cavities.

Don’t Let Past Cavities Equal Future Cavities

If your child has had cavities in the past, that means he or she is more likely to have cavities in the future. Ask your dentist or dental hygienist about options to prevent future decay. Getting procedures like sealants, fluoride varnishes, and fluoride mouth rinses can help. Dental hygienists can also apply solutions containing calcium phosphate, which helps harden the enamel.

Mouth Breathing Is Not Your Friend

Masks can predispose us to mouth-breathing. This is especially true for children who may have allergies and difficulty breathing in the first place. Mouth-breathing causes dry mouth,  which makes it easier for plaque to stick onto our teeth. Whitle this isn’t always feasible, counsel your kids to breathe through their noses, especially when wearing a mask.

Let Willo Do The Work

In-person school signals a welcome return to the familiar lives we experienced before the pandemic. If your kids’ oral hygiene routines were great before, encourage them to continue those good habits. If their oral hygiene routines could stand some improvement, now is the time to make some adjustments. 

Meet Willo, the first smart toothbrush for kids. Our automated system safely and consistently cleans teeth in an entirely new way, cutting down on user error and making brushing easier for children who struggle to reach every tooth. Willo takes care of the precise bristle positioning and movements, which makes it super easy to thoroughly clean every corner. Willo will truly give both parents and kids a reason to smile.