goop approved! Willo Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

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— goop, the wellness and lifestyle site founded by Gwyneth Paltrow, featured Willo in their kid's gift guide.

As the holidays draw near, gift ideas are probably starting to swirl around in your head, and they’re certainly circulating around the internet. 

goop, the wellness and lifestyle site founded by none other than Gwyneth Paltrow, recently released their guide to holiday gifting. It goes without saying that the site only includes the absolute best products. 

This is why it made so much sense to us that the site featured Willo in their kid’s gift guide. The gift guide is super straightforward, with one sentence describing each product, and their description of Willo is right on point: “Achieve a deeper, more thorough clean with this toothbrushing robot.”

Why is Willo the perfect holiday gift?

While getting and giving gifts is always fun, it can become annoying when you’re receiving things that you won’t actually use. With Willo, this won’t be a concern. 

Designed for kids ages 6 through 17, Willo eliminates the stress that can often come along with toothbrushing routines by making them super fun. The kit comes with five mouthpieces in different sizes so that you can find the perfect fit from the get go – or it can be used by different family members. The brush comes with smart rings that are different colors so that it’s easy to distinguish between different users and their respective mouthpieces. Also, it’s just plain cool. 

The silicone mouthpiece is lined with soft bristles that fit around every nook and cranny of your teeth. Then, the machine dispenses a pressurized, minty rinse throughout the mouthpiece, which contracts so that it reaches every single corner. The contractions also work to stimulate the gums, which will promote overall oral health. From there, your child just flips it over and places it on their bottom teeth. The entire process takes about two minutes and then the brush vibrates to signal that it’s finished. 

Let’s talk about the app.

That’s right, a toothbrushing device with an app. And in addition to being easy-to-use, it’s downright handy. 

Through the app, parents can check in to make sure that their kids actually brushed their teeth, and it will document them with a timestamp. Parents can even adjust the settings between deep, medium and soft in order to accommodate for sensitive gums.

Finally, the app will also step in with helpful tips that will help you improve your family’s dental hygiene. You can even reach out and talk to Willo’s dental hygienists if you have questions. 

Since this goop gift guide of course features the best-in-class when it comes to all lifestyle products — including adorable shoes, clothing and games — it makes total sense that Willo is included. Go ahead and make your child’s daily routine as fun (and as efficient!) as possible.

Happy gifting!