Naughty or Nice: Holiday Tips for Your Pearly Whites

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— We’ve rounded up a few tips that will help you make sure that a tooth problem won’t spoil your and your kids’ holiday fun.

The holidays are here! And with them come celebrations, fun, presents, food and a general feeling of goodwill. It’s a time when everyone travels to see friends and family, and starts to re-focus on what’s truly important in life. Now more than ever, we realize that being healthy is a gift, and that prioritizing our health is a worthwhile pursuit. For parents, maintaining healthy kids is top-of-mind all year, but especially during the holidays. That said,  regardless of age, no one wants to spend Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year’s being sick.. That includes illness due to dental disease. We’ve rounded up a few tips that will help you make sure that a tooth problem won’t spoil your and your kids’ holiday fun.

Professional Care Is Key

Be sure to make appointments with your child’s dentist and dental hygienist well before the holidays. That way, any unsuspected cavities or other concerns can be treated and fixed before the holiday rush occurs. And your dental hygienist can make sure your child’s teeth are cleaned and protected (with sealants or fluoride treatments) so that everyone can enjoy  the parties and feasts.

Don’t Sleep on At-Home Care

Maintain that twice a day brushing and flossing habit. This is especially important with all the cookies, cakes and candies that everyone is sure to consume. Of course, it’s OK to enjoy the treats, just make sure you don’t forget to brush and floss. This is also the perfect time of year to include an at-home fluoride rinse to give your kids’ teeth a bit more protection. That’s right: Brush – floss – swish!

Chewing Gum Is Your Friend

Gum is your friend, but not just any gum. Chewing sugarless gum that contains xylitol can help prevent decay. The xylitol acts as a fake sugar for the bacteria that causes cavities. The bacteria ingest the xylitol – thinking it’s sugar – and die. For the best results, xylitol gum should be chewed for at least 5-minutes, three to five times a day.

Handle That Emergency

If all of the holiday games do end up resulting in some sort of oral accident, like say, a tooth being knocked out, try not to panic.  Whether it’s a baby tooth or permanent one, call your dentist right away. The baby tooth may or may not need to be reinserted, but the permanent tooth definitely will definitely need some help. Only your dentist can determine what’s best, and they’re probably somewhat accustomed to some holiday-themed accidents.

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