Start 2022 with Willo!

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— Join our instagram challenge!

There’s no better time to pick up new habits and ditch the old humdrum ones than the New Year. 

If you have been looking for a fun way to revamp the old routines that weren’t serving your family, Willo is here to issue a challenge that will not only add a little flair to your old routine, it will make things a lot more fun. 

Follow along on Willo’s Instagram from January 5 until January 12 for fun challenges that will act as reminders to prioritize your family’s oral health. If you manage to tag us and complete all of the challenges, you just might win a prize. 

Finally, if you haven’t tried Willo yet, 2022 is definitely a good time to check it out. As always, you have up to 30-days to return it – so there’s absolutely no risk involved in giving it a try. 

The entire Willo team is here to support you as you head into the New Year. Let’s make it a really great one.