Willo’s 2021 Year in Review

Willo Year in Review 2021
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— After ending 2020 with the epic news that Willo was one of Time’s Best Inventions, 2021 had big shoes to fill.

Ah… tis the season! At this time of the year, we typically reflect on what we’ve accomplished, and make plans for what’s to come. After ending 2020 with the epic news that Willo was one of Time’s Best Inventions, 2021 had big shoes to fill. Looking back at our 2021, it has brought Willo just as many accolades and milestones.

Willo opened a successful public beta program in April.

After the big public beta launch in April, which is when Willo officially became available to children between the ages of six and seventeen, people have been discovering and absolutely loving the product. Not only has it been incredibly successful, but the growth has been mostly organic, which just goes to show that when a product is this good, it truly speaks for itself. Many Willo users have reached out to express their excitement and gratitude about the product, and they have also provided feedback that has helped make Willo better.

Willo stayed close to dental professionals, both in-person and online.

That said, this year has confirmed that it’s not just the public that’s on-board, it’s dental professionals too. Willo made an impact at the 2021 annual meeting for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) by coming on as a Silver Sponsor. Supporting the dental community will always rank highly as a priority for Willo, and while our support came in the form of virtual attendance at the annual meeting (due to COVID-19, of course), this meeting still provided the perfect opportunity for the dental industry to learn more about this innovation.

The media loves Willo.

Speaking of the media industry, Willo has been featured in a wide-range of publications, including making it onto the kids gift guide on the iconic lifestyle site goop, and even being tapped as a resource by the New York Times. Sites like TechCrunch have confirmed that Willo is not only a game-changer for families, but a feat of technology as well. 

Much of the coverage has shown that Willo is not only here to establish itself as an amazing device that kids will actually love using, but that our experts are esteemed and valued within the world of health and dentistry. Entrepreneur.com even took the time to profile CEO Hugo de Gentile, and referred to Willo as a “must-have” right out of the gate in the headline. Forbes dedicated an entire article to Willo, highlighting its ease of use, effectiveness, and even taking the time to comfort parents who might have concerns when it comes to integrating new technology into their homes by explaining how easy it is to set up.

Willo welcomed a lot of new people.

Of course, another proud moment for Willo has been the growth that the team has experienced. Willo welcomed 13 new hires, ranging from product managers to dental professionals and engineers. Not only is their multifaceted expertise invaluable, it ensures that Willo will remain at the cutting-edge of dental technology for years to come.

Willo got to know YOU - our customers.

Finally, it would be impossible to look back on 2021 without acknowledging the honor that has been getting to know our already loyal customers. Making your household routines easier while keeping your children healthy will always be our top priority and it is our absolute privilege to be welcomed into your homes. We can’t wait to welcome many more customers into our family in 2022. Let’s Willo together!