Willo Essential Kit $199

The First Tooth-Brushing Robot designed for kids.


Choose a Routine Refill subscription plan

Each Routine Refill Box contains a mouthpiece and 2 rinse pods per child, delivered every 3 months (only recommended for children ages 6 to 17).

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1 child

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$39 every 3 months
$140 / year

Free shipping, 30-day risk-free trial and 1-year warranty

Willo is more than a robot.

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    Start your journey with
    our Willo experts

    We offer a 1-on-1 video call with one of our dentals experts to help you setup Willo and answer all of your questions.

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    Connect to our smart
    Willo app

    Sync with our mobile app to get onboarded, track your children’s brushings, choose their brushing style and receive tips on their everyday’s oral hygiene.

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    Receive your refills,

    We ship everything Willo needs every
    3 months straight to your door. Want to modify your subscription plan? You can edit or cancel anytime.

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    Get access to
    Willo dental team

    Talk to our dental hygienists to get oral health advices to keep your children’s mouths happy and healthy.


What’s inside Willo?

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    Willo Essential Kit

    Our Essential Kit includes a smart automated brushing system that’ll kickstart your children’s oral-hygiene routine. It can be safely used by up to 5 family members.

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    Routine Refill Box

    Our Routine Refill Box is a subscription plan that delivers 1 custom-fit mouthpiece and 2 rinse pods per child, every 3 months (You’ll get your first Box along with your Essential Kit, so you can get started ASAP.)


Carefully tested with
children of all ages.

We created Willo as an oral-hygiene solution for children ages 6 to 17, without sacrificing safety or sustainability. The brushing habits they learn in childhood will stay with them forever—and with Willo’s simple, anxiety-free approach, they’ll develop a healthy routine that’s a snap to stick with.

Willo’s been rigorously tested with both children and dental professionals.

  • Children


    out of 5. (Yay!)

  • 91%

    of children

    said Willo leaves their teeth fresher and cleaner than their current toothbrush

  • 8 out
    of 10


    said Willo improved their daily lives. (We're honored.)

*Based on the Willo beta testing survey



Re-Willo-Cycle Program

Willo was created with sustainability in mind—we want to keep our mouths and our planet healthy.

We offer prepaid shipping labels, so you can return your used mouthpieces and rinse pods to a recycling facility. We’re making it easy to be eco-conscious.

Willo Mouthpiece size guide
for kids.

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