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It’s about time

your toothbrush retired.

Willo, the first personalized oral care system for everyone.

Wait, what is Willo ?

Willo automatically brushes teeth providing all users with a consistently efficacious, and dynamic clean.

What makes Willo

Automated Brushing

With one push of a button, Willo brushes teeth more thoroughly in less time than’s possible with an electric or manual brush, and unlike any human-wielded brush, it never misses a spot.

Advanced Efficacy

Willo brushes one full arch at a time with pressure driven cycles and perfectly placed nylon bristles
so not a single tooth gets missed.

Achievable Results

Intended to create a consistent clean for everyone, custom sized mouthpieces mean everyone under
one roof gets the the best clean.

Freshly Stocked

Forget about restocking. Willo plans make sure refills arrive right when you need them, delivered straight to your door.

Smarter oral care made

Evolving Science
(one tooth at a time)

At Willo we’re constantly looking to reimagine new ways for real people to achieve their highest levels
of oral wellness.

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We take care of your empties

Willo was created with sustainable considerations in mind, making for not just healthy mouths but also a happy planet.


We offer Pre-paid shipping labels to return all used Willo empties to a responsible recycling facility, convenient and eco-conscious!

“Willo is a totally new experience, a rarity in products. I’m obsessed with dental care and Willo is the most fun and thorough home dental experience I could imagine.”
Luke Schoenfelder
Beta Tester
“Wow! It feels magical to use Willo. I had high hopes before starting using it for the Beta, and boy they were matched. My new routine has considerably been upgraded.”
Marine Attali
Beta Tester
“Coming from a family of dentists I was skeptical of how this could change my behavior after decades of using Sonicare brushes. Willo quickly became a habit for me due to how efficiently it worked my teeth and gums.”
Jereme Holiman
Beta Tester
"Truth be told, I became addicted to Willo, it makes me want to brush my teeth."
Corentin Claisse
Beta Tester
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